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Stephanie's Bluebird Foundation

Stephanie's Bluebird FoundationStephanie’s Bluebird Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2018 to honor the life and memory of Stephanie McArdle.

Stephanie was the youngest daughter of May Kelly’s Cottage owners Marie and Patsy McArdle who lost her battle with cancer in 2017. Stephanie brought joy and laughter to every moment of life. She was a friend to all who knew her, and she loved hearing stories of people starting new adventures.

Towards the end of her life, Stephanie took to art—colored pencils in particular. To commemorate her love for friends and family, she often colored bluebirds. Her art spread joy to many people and was often paired with a poem:

This merry little feathered friend.
So cheery, bright, and blue
Because he brings true happiness,
I’m sending him to you.

Stephanie’s Bluebird Foundation supports the future education of May Kelly’s Cottage employees—a mission that Stephanie herself would have delighted in. From day courses towards a degree at the local community college to one-time, online courses, and everything in between, the fund is set up to encourage staff to always keep learning about their passions.

The foundation honors the incredible woman that Stephanie was and the possibilities that exist when we support one another. May we all keep investing in each other’s growth and happiness.

Stephanie's Bluebird Foundation
Stephanie McArdle